Monday, May 19, 2014

Quilt Documentation

I was thinking that I needed a place to talk about my quilting. Just me and the computer.

Here is a quilt top called "Remixed Geese" - finished 5/16/14 (quilt #5):
I haven't picked out a back yet. It's such a busy top I'm not sure how to back it or quilt it. Maybe my quilter will have some good suggestions.

There's one more quilt top finished (quilt #4); it's a 1600" jelly roll quilt - fun project! I'm taking it to the quilter next week, so will hold off showing that on the blog until after it's done.

And this is a little baby quilt (#3). It's the only one I have quilted - I learned a lot. Such as I'm not crazy about the quilting part, but love the piecing part of making a quilt.

 And this one is a Heather Ross Briar Rose quilt (#2). I gave it to my daughter after it was quilted. I should get a better picture of it, now that it's completely done.

I also did a quilt for my sister-in-law (quilt #1), but didn't get a picture of it before I sent it off to her for Xmas 2013. The next time I'm at her house I need to take a photograph.

So that's 5 quilt tops. And a little pillow I did for T&L; It's a paper piecing project, finished in time for Valentine's Day 2014:
I'd do paper piecing again. It was fun.

Working on #6 tonight!

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