Friday, November 10, 2017

Add to Wish List

- Table Runner (LA)
- Calico Swing by Denise Schmidt
- Gingham Girl Stars by Amy Smart

Keep working on Fussy Cut Sampler
Start My Small World (finish block 5 and/or 6 by 1/16/18)

Thursday, August 24, 2017

2017 FInishes

Bringing my finishes up-to-date, here is GLOW. The pattern, by Samantha Green, was released in Issue 15 of Make Modern magazine. My friend S.S. in L.A. and I challenged each other to use all scrap fabric for this pretty quilt - and I succeeded! I did a deep dive for most of the pieces, and played with the coloration of each square. Lots of fun to put together (which I did at a Guild retreat). 
Front of Glow
It was quilted with a overall "coil" pattern using a pale grey/silver thread.
Close up of Glow
And I was able to use some really big pieces from my stash for the pieced back as well!

I also finished Play a Card back in March. The pattern is by Brigitte Heitland and Zen Chic. I used assorted Asuka fabrics, by Dear Stella. I wanted the fabric to really stand out in this one. I used Insignia by Alison Glass for the back (no photo).

Isn't the fabric cool? This one is already being used on our bed!

Playful (Chelsea's Crosses) from Scrap Patchwork by Sandra Clemons.
Playful (Chelsea's Crosses) from Scrap Patchwork by Sandra Clemons
When we had a fabric "yard sale" at a guild meeting this year, I bought a bag of 2 1/2" squares that Chelsea had cut out. She said she cuts the squares from her leftover fabrics kind of mindlessly while watching TV; it was a pretty big package of little squares, and this quilt barely made a dent in the pile I bought.
I used snow white Grunge for the negative space, and a piece of grey I had in my stash for the backing. I think it's a very happy quilt! Squares of fabric; swirls of quilting stitches.
Into the "finished" pile it goes, for when we want a happy quilt to keep us warm!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Vacation Sewing

I finished a tuffet! It was a really fun project.I used fabrics from the "Around the Block" collection (Cloud 9 Fabrics) by Heather Moore of Skinny laMinx fame. I love this collection. With the skinny strips on the tuffet top some of the details on the block prints don't show, but overall it's still a great look.

And I used materials from Tuffet Source, including their instructions. It seems daunting when you first start out, but it's really very easy once you get into it. My only issue was having enough fabric for the button cover. The instructions tell you to create 2" strips from all the fat quarters, but you need a wider piece than that for the button. Next time I'd cut the button cover piece out first and set it aside. There would still be plenty of fabric left to do the strips needed for the top.

Here's a closeup of the feet.

The tuffet doesn't have a home yet, but I don't want it to be very far away because I love it so!

P.S. It's hard to get a picture of a tuffet when it's on the floor! I ended up putting it up on a table so the details would show.

Vacation project #2 was a child-focused quilt top. It's the Thicket quilt, using the Thicket fabric collection (designer Stacy Bloomfield of Gingiber; the fabric is hard to find now since it's mostly sold out of stores). 

It was a pretty easy project, and I liked that each block was a bit "freeform." The centers of each square can be positioned towards the top, bottom or either side of center. So when it's finished and quilted, the middles will look off center and unaligned. The animal panels add a bit of whimsy; everything has a white background except for the owl panel (beige). Just to mix it up.

I love her drawings.

Some day this will be quilted up and given away.

What a great vacation.

I found the name!

Remember this one? It's called Cutting Corners, by Susan Strong.
It was published in quilty magazine, Fall 2016.

These came back too -
- Glow, made entirely from stash
- Play a Card, a huge piece from a bundle of Asuka by Dear Stella Fabrics
- Playful (Chelsea's Crosses) from Scrap Patchwork by Sandra Clemons

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

At the quilter

Two pieces are at the quilter now:
- Glow, made entirely from stash
- Play a Card, a huge piece from a bundle of Asuka by Dear Stella Fabrics

Didn't make Guild meeting last night, but saw from photos that some charity blocks were turned in. Can't wait to put this all together!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2016 Finishes

I've just come back from the NHMQG Retreat in Kennebunkport. Sewing is such a nice way to spend three days in gloomy March weather! I was able to finish up one quilt top, reject another project as too fiddly, and started on a scrappy block project using some "yard sale" 2-1/2" squares. More on these pieces later.

Here's a recap of some recent finishes:

Stargazer from "For Keeps" by Amy Gibson.
I pieced this quilt when at the Fall retreat on the Cape. It was fun to do, and was a perfect Xmas gift. All the stars were made from scraps and FQs I had in my stash. H & C wanted a quilt they could take outside for picnics, so I made it with a dark background and green backing fabric - it won't show grass stains as easily that way!

I Can Sing a Rainbow (baby quilt) from Sew It! by Allison Nicoll.

This was actually finished up in 2017, made for new baby Elowen who was born in California in February. I used a bundle of grunge fabrics for the top of this quilt, and put a grey fabric with owls on the back. Melissa used a pantograph that has butterflies for the quilting. It's very cute.

I Can Sing a Rainbow
I don't remember the name of this one - it came from a magazine that I now can't find. I used Carolyn Friedlander fabrics for the majority of the quilt top, fabrics that I collected at the NHMQG Fat Quarter swap in 2016. I started cutting it out when I had a visitor in town; she and I spent an entire weekend shopping for fabric, and sewing, and yacking. This quilt doesn't have a home yet but I do love it.

I just realized this photo was taken before the binding was sewn down. I'll have to get another picture to show it really IS finished.

- "Chelsea" scrappy blocks
- Glow, with SS
- Play a Card by Brigitte Heitland for Zen Chic
- Charity piecing on Cutting Garden by Krista Hennebury

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


A couple of additions to the FINISHED pile, but I can't talk about them yet -- not until after 12/25!