Saturday, January 2, 2016

January 2016

New Year's resolutions:

Health - that means choosing a healthier lifestyle, being conscious of activities, doing more, getting my body less "angry" and doing what I can to stay on top of my health. It doesn't just mean losing weight; it certainly doesn't mean doing a 10k. It just means being aware and doing my best.

Blogging - at least once a month. That will make me accountable to myself and my projects. I always do better when I write things down.

January's post:

I have six* quilts in progress. I'd like to finish them up this winter/spring. And then I'd like to try quilting. I mean the non-piecing and binding parts of quilting. If I choose some smaller projects, I can do that. If I get comfortable enough, maybe I can do more of my own and be less dependent on paying a quilter. It's getting expensive.

I am also going to try to cut back on my fabric spending. I have plenty of fabric!!! Doing quilts from my stash will be rewarding. Maybe a goal of having all the smaller projects be from my stash is a good way to start. How about if I start with a big Swoon block? There are a lot of examples on Flickr - some better than others - that can help guide my fabric choices.

* the six quilts: 1- HST project from NHMQG; 2 - the blocks from Patchwork City; 3 - the Twill BOM quilt I'm doing with Heather; 4 - Zap using New Bedford fabrics; 5 - Suburbs just needs binding; 6 - Moda Modern Building Blocks needs some attention, but it's so far along already!

Inspiration: this is an old quilt I got from my mother, I think. 

Old Hexi Quilt; Mom and Dad photo on the wall just above.
Mom didn't make this quit, but I think my grandmother Chase may have. It's pieced entirely from really small hexagons. Quite a feat!

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