Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Summer Update

Random thoughts on a Wednesday ---

1. Quilt Guild meeting last night: hosted the First Annual Book Swap. Lots of fun. Could be better next time by:

  • using different color "tickets" than those used in other raffle buckets
  • making sure books are better; the ones that were left behind were pretty un-wanted for good reasons
  • having a few "ringers", i.e. a book or two that everyone will want (maybe a signed copy from one of our workshop leaders? or from a teacher who hasn't done a workshop for the Guild?)

2. I'm dying to get back to sewing. 

3. WIP list:

  • MODA Building Blocks - this could be great if it could get finished
  • Twill BOM - really bored with this, but it needs to get done!
  • Start the quilt with fabric I bought with H & C in Katy - it's pretty fabric
  • Start Denise Schmidt quilt (name?) - wouldn't take long to make a lot of progress, and it would be a good one to machine quilt

4. Wish List / Inspiration: these are all in my dropbox folder and are at the top of my list of things to work on.

  • Color Dive quilt - I still really want to tackle this (see Patchwork class below).
  • Stars and Stripes - inspirational
  • Dash - lots of angles!
  • Marrakech - I've put this in my queue twice, so it must be a winner; would be a good machine quilting project
  • Little Bits Whit, version 2 - a cool grid of flying geese
  • Arrowhead - simple; impactful
  • Abundance - great stash buster project
  • Indigo Shibori Star - use Margot's indigos from Japan
  • Fish Baby Log Cabin - love the quilting possibilities!
  • Tribute Star - just downright pretty
  • Four Square Quilt (Purl Bee) - love the simplicity

5. I'm taking a class that starts July 4 called Patchwork from Scrap. Hopefully I can figure out how to use the fabric I already own!

Now that I've written all this down, it's time to get to work.
Arrowhead by Initial K Studio

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