Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sewing, and a little mishap

I really HAVE been doing a lot of sewing lately, but sadly I don't have many finished projects to show. H and I are doing a mystery quilt-along (her first quilting experience), and we finished our January assignments:

H's blocks are the top two rows; mine are the bottom. It's funny doing the "mystery" thing, since we have no idea what the finished piece is. Sometimes it's even hard to envision the individual block!

While working on these blocks, I got careless and ran over my left index finger with the rotary cutter. Off to the urgent care center for stitches! What a surprise that the doc is a quilter - her first question was "you didn't get blood on any of the fabric, did you!??!" She knew what the priority was (btw, no fabric was harmed or stained). We had lots of fun talking about quilt shops, fabrics, the "modern" movement. It made getting 3 stitches in my finger a lot more pleasant.

I've joined Patch the Giraffe's new Art Gallery Charm Swap. I'm not very familiar with the Art Gallery collections, so it's been fun doing the research, checking out the different fabrics, and learning about each of the collections. I'm going to love getting this selection of charms!

Two finished pieces that need quilting: the Quilt Color Workshop color wheel, and a Denim Pinwheel Quilt (Purl Soho). One will go to the pro quilter; one will be done by me!

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