Monday, September 29, 2014


I was in New York for 2 days this week. Got to see the lovely Erin and we talked quilting (among other things).

After my meetings, I was able to visit The City Quilter (Monday) and Purl Soho (Tuesday). Both times I found some beautiful fabrics. I did make a couple of purchases (I could have bought a lot more!). Thank goodness I had to hand-carry everything back through the city and onto an airplane, so the volume and weight had to be curtailed (I didn't dare ask if they would ship it for me!!).
Fabric from The City Quilter, NYC

I'm thinking that my current quilt project is too complicated - I need something simpler to work on. I guess it's like knitting - if you have a difficult piece you are working on, you also need to have a simple one so that you can do "mindless knitting" some of the time. So while I work on the quilt that has many little tiny pieces, that have to be cut using a template, as much as I can, I'll have something easier that doesn't require so much thinking.

At least that's what I'm considering.

So I bought the fabric for this:
Yardage from Purl Soho, NYC
Isn't it pretty?

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