Thursday, May 29, 2014

To the quilter!

I took two quilt tops/backs/batting to the quilter yesterday.
- Quilt #4: Jelly Roll 1600 
- Quilt #5: Remixed Geese (Robert Kaufman website)

Melissa says they will be ready no later than June 23rd, and maybe sooner. Then I will stitch the binding. I'm hoping I'll have both of them done before Mother-Daughter Crafts and Sewing Weekend at the Blueberry Hill Inn! Whether they are done or not, I'll be taking them along to show off (assuming they turn out as well as I'm hoping).

My next project is coming right along. I've finished piecing the colorful strips and now I have to work on the white spaces. After that I'd like to work on Wonky Little Houses, maybe a pillow first?

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